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BACK ROW: Andy Abrahamson, Connie Abrahamson, Mark Abrahamson (kidney recipient), Kathy Setten (Mitchell daughter), Becky Durrenberger, Jim Mitchell (Mary Katherine Mitchell husband), Mary Katherine Durrenberger Mitchell (Ragan's aunt), Joe Setten (Mitchell daughter's husband), Jeff Mitchell (Mitchell son), Sue Morris (Jaymi's mom - Ragan friend), Chrissy Hoffman (Ragan friend), Jaymi Morris (worked with Ragan at Pizza Hut), Tyler Thompson (Ragan friend and neighbor), Ryan (Pudge) Jurek (Husband of Amy), Jen Miller Hoiska (Ragan friend from high school and church; mother Chari Miller was Ragan's favorite Sunday School teacher), Amy Mertens Jurek (Ragan friend from high school)

FRONT ROW: Cole James Setten (Mitchell daughter's baby), Jaime Loftus (Ragan friend, grandpa had farm by Prior Lake water tower), Amy Miles (worked with Ragan at Merry-go-Round clothing store), Lindsey Miles (daughter of Amy Miles), Abigail Hoiska (baby of Jennifer Hoiska)

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